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Silver Cuff

Silver Cuff

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The ultimate power jewel! This sterling silver bracelet features a wavy border is framed by a raised edge. One asymmetrical convex impression at the right side of the cuff evokes the image of a bone joint. The bracelet is solid, not hollow, with a corresponding concave point on the inside.  This piece was hand-fabricated by a silver artisan in Mexico.


More details:

Cuff has a wavy outline with varying width, ranging from 33mm wide near the back edge to 53mm wide at the widest point of the front, measures 2.2mm thick. Inner diameter is 59.1mm or 2.32 inches. To put the bracelet on, it is slid sideways onto the wrist across the narrowest point; on the bracelet, this opening is just over 1” wide (there is some “give” as Sterling silver is a softer metal.)

Very good vintage condition, cuff has been polished and shined up. A few hairline scratches and a bit of natural patina is visible, as might be expected in a vintage silver bracelet such as this. If a higher shine finish were desired, a jeweler could polish the piece further.

.925 Sterling Silver (stamped)

73.0 grams 

All purchases arrive in a gift box, wrapped with a ribbon.

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