Hello, I'm Marika

I'm very proud to present this collection of vintage and antique jewelry sourced from the American Rust Belt and beyond.

I've always been innately drawn to jewelry. Childhood photographs of me inevitably seem to feature appearances of pop beads and opera length strands of faux pearls. This early love of adornment grew naturally into wanting to make jewelry for myself: learning beadwork in high school, metalsmithing in college and crafting a jewelry production line through my 20s.

I love the creativity and the art of making jewelry, but other facets, if you will, of the world of jewelry – a love of history and of beautiful old things – directed me further along this path, in a slightly more academic direction. I worked for half a decade in a jewelry appraisal office and brokerage service where I honed a knowledge of antique and vintage fine jewelry and gems. In 2022, I earned a diploma from the Gemological Institute of America as a Graduate Gemologist (GG.)

A woman in an antique store once asked me what kind of jewelry I liked best, and the only honest answer I could conceive was, “the kind which causes me to have an emotional response.” My wish is to offer these sorts of significant, talismanic pieces for a second lifetime of enjoyment.