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Rose Bangle Bracelet

Rose Bangle Bracelet

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A vintage bangle bracelet of gold-filled metal in a rose gold hue. This piece has a wonderful heft but is not so heavy to be uncomfortable when worn. This style of bangle became popular during the Victorian era. They were often given as courtship gifts, sometimes in matching sets. Sometimes hinged, sometimes (like this style) designed to slip over the wrist. In Australia, the latter gained tremendous popularity when actress Nellie Stewart received one from her paramour (in 1885) which she wore unceasingly for the rest of her life. Because she was constantly seen wearing it, and due to her status as a public figure, the bangles were en vogue for a long time, even being referred to as “Nellie Stewart bangles.” Later, these bangles were sometimes referred to as “golf” bangles as they were used as prizes for women in golf tournaments. Two of these bangles are available - this listing is just for one - one rose gold-filled and one yellow-gold-filled. They make the most beautiful chiming sound when worn together!

What is “gold-filled?” Gold-filled jewelry is higher quality than gold-plated and lower cost than solid (alloyed) gold. Typically, gold-filled jewelry is required to have a 1/20th (or 5%) weight in gold (usually 14k,) which is affixed/bonded to all exterior portions of the jewelry item (which usually has a brass, or sometimes copper, core.) Gold-plated jewelry has no such standards and as a result usually involves a much thinner coating of gold. Gold-filled jewelry can last a lifetime without showing signs of wear and makes for excellent and durable everyday-wear pieces.


More details:

64.0mm (2.52”) inside diameter, 76.3mm (3”) outside diameter, 5,9mm thick, 6.1mm wide 

Excellent condition

Gold-filled (stamped)

43.9 grams

All purchases arrive in a gift box, wrapped with a ribbon.

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