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Pietra Dura Flower Earrings

Pietra Dura Flower Earrings

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In the world of antique jewelry, Pietra Dura is one of my greatest loves. Artfully crafted examples like this are becoming more and more difficult to find. The name translates literally from “hard stone.” Inlaid jewelry has existed for millennia and it was especially popular during the Victorian era as souvenir jewelry from "The Grand Tour" of Italy.

These earrings feature symmetrical images of a bouquet with a rose, forget-me-not and lily. The flowers are fashioned from bright, vivid stone, which is beautifully contrasted by the black onyx backdrop into which they are set. The pietra dura slabs are framed in a golden bezel with a rope accent, and the earrings hang from gold ear wires. The ear wires of these earrings are 18 karat gold, the frames 9-10 karat gold and the backs of the earrings are brass (see photos.) 

The Victorians adored symbolism and many parts of their lives were rife with double meanings and representations, especially when it came to the depiction of flowers, which had an entire language (flower language or floriography.) The roses symbolize love and affection and the forge-me nots remembrance and devotion. In today’s age, we often attribute lilies to sympathy and mourning, but in the context of the era that these earrings were created, white lilies were employed to share a message of perfection, majesty, innocence and purity.


More details:

Pietra dura plaques measure 14.6mm in diameter, gold bezels 3.4mm wide; earrings in total measure 28.6mm long.

Excellent condition

Brass, 9-10k gold and 18k gold (tested)

6.2 grams

All purchases arrive in a gift box, wrapped with a ribbon.

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