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Micromosaic Floral Brooch

Micromosaic Floral Brooch

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An antique brooch which pairs lustrous gold and a micromosaic portrait of a lush bouquet of roses. “Micromosaic" style refers to a jewelry technique in which small pieces of glass, called tesserae, are artfully arranged into images. While micromosaic jewelry likely originated in ancient times in the Far East, it was popularized during the Victorian era as souvenir jewelry from "The Grand Tour" of Italy. This brooch dates from the late 1800s and might have been a sweet souvenir gift from Italy. The flower motif is surrounded by a polished onyx border and a gold-filled frame, which is sturdy and solid, with a twisted rope border. Fastens with a safety catch.

What is “gold-filled?” Gold-filled jewelry is higher quality than gold-plated and lower cost than solid (alloyed) gold. Typically, gold-filled jewelry is required to have a 1/20th (or 5%) weight in gold (usually 14k,) which is affixed/bonded to all exterior portions of the jewelry item (which usually has a brass, or sometimes copper, core.) Gold-plated jewelry has no such standards and as a result usually involves a much thinner coating of gold. Gold-filled jewelry can last a lifetime without showing signs of wear and makes for excellent and durable everyday-wear pieces.

More details:

40.6mm long, 48.6mm wide

Very good antique condition; a few minute nicks along the exterior border of the onyx. These are rather imperceptible when worn and without magnification. The micromosaic glass tesserae are cemented into a cutaway in the onyx. In a few places the cement is not flush with the surface of the brooch but sits below. This does not affect the structural integrity of the floral motif.

Gold-filled (stamped)

18.1 grams

All purchases arrive in a gift box, wrapped with a ribbon.

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