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Malachite Bangle Bracelet

Malachite Bangle Bracelet

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A vintage malachite and brass bangle bracelet in a very wearable size. Beautiful malachite is known for natural color banding in multiple hues of green and for curved, straight and botryoidal (round clustered) patterns which occur naturally during the formation of this material. This bracelet features panels of malachite cut and polished with a slight dome, then inlaid into a circular shaped brass bangle. The malachite panels are oriented in a consistent manner of vertical bands, giving the bracelet a visual consistency which is striking from any angle. 

More details:

64.6mm (2.54”) inside diameter, 74.2mm (2.92”) outside diameter, 5.1mm thick, 11.5mm wide 

Excellent condition


49.3 grams

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