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Jade and Gold Drop Earrings

Jade and Gold Drop Earrings

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A beloved, classic and difficult to find style of earring. These feature a round piece of jade set in a gold post, with a secondary element - an elongated and tapered jade drop set in a golden cap - balancing below. Jade is a mineral known for its excellent toughness (resistance to breakage) due to its structure composed of interlocking small crystals. This pair of earrings is fashioned from nephrite, which is a variety of jade. Nephrite is often known for being a softer, earthier shade of green, easily complementing most skin tones and hair colors. The gold in these earrings is 14 karat, and a slightly rosy hue (common in vintage gold) which beautifully contrasts the green of the jade. Comes complete with slightly oversize push backs, also of 14 karat gold. Altogether, these earrings are simply stunning and bound to become a favorite pair. 


More details:

Jade spheres in post measure 5.8mm in diameter, jade drop elements measure 8.7mm wide and 29.8mm long; earrings in total measure 38.0mm long.

Very good vintage condition - gold caps each have a small dimple which is only visible under magnification - see photos for detail.

14k (stamped)

4.3 grams

All purchases arrive in a gift box, wrapped with a ribbon.

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