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Jade and Diamond Teardrop Earrings

Jade and Diamond Teardrop Earrings

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A pair of stunning earrings which are ready for some seriously elegant occasions. Light spring green jade posts and drop elements (with pretty mottling of darker green hues) are enlivened by the presence of bright natural diamonds. A round jade cabochon with a flat back is set in claw-style prongs in a post element. Below this post dangles a trio of prong-set diamonds; below these diamonds is a jade drop set in a fluted cap with eight additional diamonds set all around the cap.

While the jade and diamonds in this pair of earrings are real and natural, the setting and metal elements of the earrings, including the friction backs, are gold-plated. This is worth noting because it allows the earrings to be sold at a much friendlier price point than it would be if the setting were 14 karat solid gold. Gold plating is durable and will last and wear beautifully (and with time, can be replated as needed by your jeweler) but caution should be taken with these earrings around water (swimming, showering) as well as if there are any metal sensitivities by the wearer.

Jade is a mineral known for its excellent toughness (resistance to breakage) due to its structure composed of interlocking small crystals. This pair of earrings is fashioned from jadeite, which is a variety of jade. The post and setting are plated in 14 karat gold and come with extra large sized 14k plated friction backs.


More details:

Jade cabochons in post measure 4.3mm in diameter, jade drop elements measure 6.2mm wide and 21.2mm long; earrings in total measure 37.9mm long. Diamonds are approximately 0.025 carats each for a total approximate weight of 0.55 carats in both earrings.

Very good condition; one of the small diamonds in the drop element of one earring is abraded.

14k gold plated (not solid gold.)

6.0 grams

All purchases arrive in a gift box, wrapped with a ribbon.

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