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Gold Sweetheart Padlock Bracelet

Gold Sweetheart Padlock Bracelet

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A vintage bracelet in 9 karat gold, featuring an intricate chain and heart shaped padlock clasp. The motif of this chain represents a garden gate with the clasp as the lock/latch. Padlock bracelets such as these were tremendously popular during the Victorian era, when they were often given as gestures of affection between sweethearts. This piece is a reproduction, with hallmarks dating it to 1987 and Birmingham origin. The design is remarkably identical to much older bracelets of the same style. Likely a credit to its newer mint, this piece is in excellent condition. The bracelet opens and closes by moving a hinged latch within the padlock. This snaps securely into place during wear, but there is a safety chain woven through the padlock just in case. The padlock features a keyhole (non-functional, and no key included) along with decorative screw-heads such as a genuine padlock might possess.

More details:

18cm (7”) long around wrist, 7.57mm wide

Excellent condition

9k (stamped)

15.3 grams

All purchases arrive in a gift box, wrapped with a ribbon.

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