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Gold “Pencez de Moy” Posy Ring

Gold “Pencez de Moy” Posy Ring

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“Pencez de Moy” - 14th century French for “think of me.” This sentimental band is a vintage reproduction of an antique design, fashioned from 14 karat yellow gold and sweetly engraved with old style text and graphic flourishes, including the outline of a heart and a cross. The Victoria and Albert Museum houses a remarkably similar example, dating to the 14th century, on which the style of this band was likely based. Posy (or poesy) rings are in my opinion one of the most romantic antique jewelry styles! The name itself derives from the word “poetry” (“poesy.) Posy rings were commonly produced by goldsmiths between the eleventh and fourteenth centuries in Europe and typically engraved in French (the language of courtly love) or in Latin, both of which would have been widely spoken by medieval European elites. I think this ring would make an apt wedding band or perhaps a gift for a long distance lover or lover of history. Due to the 360 degree engraving, resizing this ring is not possible.

More details:

Band measures 3.3mm wide, 1.3mm thick

Ring size 6.75 / UK N 1/2.

Very good condition

14k (stamped)

2.7 grams

All purchases arrive in a gift box, wrapped with a ribbon.

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