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Crescent Moon Pearl Brooch

Crescent Moon Pearl Brooch

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One of the first pieces of antique jewelry which made an impression on me was a crescent moon shaped brooch. This jewel for me is a symbol of kismet. In the lore of the Victorians (responsible for a revival of the popularization of the crescent moon in jewelry,) it represents divine feminine power and energy, and can be a spiritual symbol of the divine feminine. This brooch is fashioned from 14 karat gold, with silver overlay on its face at each crescent tip. It consists of 15 pearls of graduated size, which have been oriented to vary a bit in color (from cream hued to silver and then back to cream.) The pearl at the northernmost edge is slightly lighter in hue than the others and likely a replacement from the original. Fastens with c-clasp.


More details:

44.6mm long, 16.4mm wide. 

Excellent condition.

14k (stamped)

5.4 grams

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