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Branch Coral Necklace

Branch Coral Necklace

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A stunning statement necklace of graduated branch coral. The coral is a beautiful pinkish orange, or "salmon" hue, and each drilled bead has a naturalistic shape and texture - no two are alike, and the assembly of all together, strung in order of size, is striking. The necklace is a terrific long length - some wearers might even slip it over their head without using the clasp, which is a solid brass, barrel-style clasp that easily twists and untwists to open and close. This necklace is in fabulous condition, as well; none of the beads have any tell-tale fractures or broken bits and the clasp and cord are in terrific shape. Vintage branch coral jewels like these are especially popular among collectors. This one, with its very wearable length, is an excellent example of the classic yet unconventional style first popularized during the Victorian era (although this piece was certainly made later on in the 20th century.)


More details:

Necklace measures 24.5” long, coral beads have length between 4.0mm and 27.3mm

Excellent condition

Brass clasp

28.3 grams

All purchases arrive in a gift box, wrapped with a ribbon.

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