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Antique Silver Love Token Brooch

Antique Silver Love Token Brooch

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An intrepid Victorian silversmith employed five Seated Liberty silver dime coins (years ranging between 1876 and 1882) to craft this family tree style love token brooch. The reverse of the coins were smoothed away and in place of the eagle, a series of ornate engravings were inscribed. The initials are as follows (letters listed in alphabetical order, but there is no “correct” order:) EI, AAM, AHP, IW, ACH. The coins have soldered silver rings added and are linked in a row along a beveled silver bar brooch, which fastens with a C-clasp style closure. The brooch is designed such that the coins overlap a little bit and move and sweetly jingle when worn. This brooch has been freshly polished but some patina, typical for antique silver jewelry, remains.

More details:

Brooch in total measures 59.8mm wide and 26.0mm tall; individual tokens measure approximately 17.9mm by 21.4mm.

Very good antique condition

Silver (tested)

17.4 grams

All purchases arrive in a gift box, wrapped with a ribbon.

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