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Antique Curb Link Bracelet

Antique Curb Link Bracelet

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The perfect wear-every-day bracelet: an antique gold-filled curb link chain. This bracelet likely began life as a watch chain, and was later shortened into a length to be worn around the wrist. This bracelet fastens with a dog-clip clasp bearing the mark T&H for Thomas Hopwood of Birmingham as well as a fineness mark indicating it is fashioned from 14 karat gold-filled metal. Please note: this bracelet is a bit longer than the standard ladies length. It could easily and economically be shortened by your jeweler, or worn by someone with a larger wrist for a comfortable fit.


What is “gold-filled?” Gold-filled jewelry is higher quality than gold-plated and lower cost than solid (alloyed) gold. Typically, gold-filled jewelry is required to have a 1/20th (or 5%) weight in gold (usually 14k,) which is affixed/bonded to all exterior portions of the jewelry item (which usually has a brass, or sometimes copper, core.) Gold-plated jewelry has no such standards and as a result usually involves a much thinner coating of gold. Gold-filled jewelry can last a lifetime without showing signs of wear and makes for excellent and durable everyday-wear pieces.


More details:

8” long around wrist, 7.8mm wide

Excellent condition

Gold-filled (stamped)

27.2 grams

All purchases arrive in a gift box, wrapped with a ribbon.

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